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When we first met with Interscope recording artists LMFAO (Social The Magazine – Dec 2009 issue), they were about to embark on their first headlining tour in support of their first release “Party Rock”. That album and tour was far from the beginning for LMFAO, however. Their music had already been played in the clubs for years before that, and featured on popular cable TV shows including “Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami” and “Kourtney & Kim Take New York”, as well as “Jersey Shore”. So, although it may seem that LMFAO are an overnight sensation with their first single, “Party Rock Anthem”, they’ve actually been doing this for years, and they’ve worked hard to bring their “Party Rock” lifestyle and music out of the clubs and into the limelight of mainstream popular music today. And their popularity is no surprise, because as they claim in the wildly popular video for Party Rock Anthem, coined as the #1 song of summer by multiple media sources, ‘It will get in ya bones’.

LMFAO is a family affair, made up of two dynamic performers who are an uncle and nephew team: Red Foo and Sky Blu. Foo and Sky are the son and grandson of iconic Motown founder Berry Gordy. While they paved their own way in the biz, you can say that music has always been in their bones.

2010 brought LMFAO a Grammy nomination, an opening slot on tour with their good friends, The Black Eyed Peas, multiple club appearances and TV performances. Red Foo even made a surprise appearance in downtown Raleigh after their show with the Black Eyed Peas in February of last year.

“Party Rock Anthem” is the first single off their second album, “Sorry For Party Rocking”, which dropped June 21, 2011. It has since become a worldwide chart-topper and it the beginning of continued success for LMFAO and the Party Rock crew.

Social The Magazine caught up with LMFAO’s Sky Blu while they covered some European dates before they head out on their summer tour with Ke$ha in July.

SM: Congrats on the success on the new single and your new album, Sorry for Party Rocking.  Let’s go back about 3 years ago. 2008 – you have “Miami” bumping in the clubs. It’s all good and fun and you had the local LA and Miami cult, but did you ever think you’d be #1 in over 20 countries? Was this always your goal, to make it this big?

Sky: This is exactly what we always dreamed about. When we wrote the song ‘Yes’ from the first album, this was our vision. “Every day I see my dream”!

SM:  You started working on this album while on tour with the Peas. Was most of “Sorry for Party Rocking” written and created there?

Sky:  We played around with different ideas while on tour and created about 2/3 songs, but for the most part, everything else was done over the last couple months

SM: The concept of the PR Anthem video is energetic, addictive, fun and leaves viewers wanting more. How did you all come up with that?

Sky: The director Mickey Finnegan came up with the idea of zombies. He brought it to us and we loved it. He has some type of obsession with the underworld.

SM:  Where did “Shufflin’” come from?

Sky: While creating the record, the break always made us dance and do a certain move. Someone told us one day that we were ‘shufflin’. So we Googled it, and saw that this was an actual dance that people were doing. That’s when Goon Rock added ‘Every Day I’m Shufflin’ to the track.

SM: Speaking of Goon Rock, he is featured on the Party Rock Anthem single, amongst others. How did you guys get together and what is his role on the new album?

Sky: We have known Goon Rock for years. He’s a close friend of ours and a dope producer. He is all over the new album vocally and on the production side.

SM: The video features America’s Best Dance Crew winners, the Quest Crew. What is the connection there?

Sky: We are huge fans of the Quest Crew. During ABDC we all gathered around the TV while they performed to our song. They had some sick moves and we kept rewinding the performance. When it came time to work with a crew, we knew who we needed. They are the best!!

SM: Ok, now this guy deserves a special mention. There’s a shot of ‘Jesus’ Shufflin’ in the Party Rock Anthem video. Is he part of the Party Rock crew?

Sky: He’s a part of everyone’s crew!

SM: Your Party Rock Clothing line is definitely catching on. Who designs the look? Is it a collaborative effort?

Sky: There’s a whole staff involved with Party Rock clothing so it’s a collaborative effort.

SM: I’ve seen many references to Big Bad University and the Big Bad Crew. Can you tell us about that project?

Sky: Big Bad University is something I started. It’s The University for Dreamers. There are a lot of talented people out there and we want everyone to know that you can be and do any and everything you want. We want to help a lot of those people achieve those dreams. Big Bad Crew is everyone in BBU. We skate, make music, DJ. It’s like a big family. We have a lot of great things on the way.

SM:  How did you get picked up for the Ke$ha summer tour? Are you guys friends or have you played with her before?

Sky: It was just a perfect fit. We played with her once before and have some shows together in the UK before the tour kicks off here in the States.

SM: You just played the Summertime Ball at Wembley Stadium. It must have been crazy Party Rockin’ with a crowd of that size at such a historic arena.

Sky: It was our first time playing at Wembley and it was amazing. 75k fans all singing along. It was a great feeling. It was raining but everyone still came out to party.

SM: What has changed about your live show on this and your recent tours as compared to the Party Rock and Black Eyed Peas tour?  Any surprises in store?

Sky: We added a band. They have been with us for the last year now. As for surprises…can’t tell you. Wouldn’t be a surprise if we did!

SM: What’s next for LMFAO after the summer tour? You have several standing DJ gigs in L.A., Vegas, etc. Will you continue playing the clubs?

Sky: We have a lot of dates overseas locked in already after the tour. We will probably be everywhere but home. We will definitely be doing our DJ sets and after parties. We have to! The clubs are home to us.

We look forward to their next single, “Champagne Showers” featuring Natalia Kills. Be sure to hear that and all their hits on August 9, 2011 at the Downtown Raleigh Amphitheater as they join Ke$ha for the “Get Sleazy” Summer Tour. Ladies, get ready to impress…when asked if they find it ‘hot when girls shuffle, Sky replied, “It’s amazingly sexy”!

“Everyday I’m Shuff-Shuff-Full-Lin”….I have to admit, it DOES get in ya’ bones!

Find more LMFAO online at: (LFMAO website)  (LMFAO blog) (Party Rock gear and clothing) (Big Bad University clothing)

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