Social Interviews – Holly Van Apledoorn

vLafayette Village is one of the most exciting shopping and social areas in the Triangle. The quaint French-inspired village in north Raleigh is always a buzz with something going on. Helping to keep the area interesting and alive is Holly Van Apeldoorn, operations manager at the executive suites, marketing director and property manager.

In addition to her management responsibilities, she also handles all event planning at Lafayette Village. Outside of business, Holly manages life at home with her husband and their four children and she enjoys crafting; perhaps why she brings so many fresh ideas to the business scene at Lafayette Village.
Since the beginning of Lafayette Village in 2010, the area has drawn many in, nightly, for fun local events, gourmet food, and the feeling of sitting outside a Parisian café. The shops and restaurants are surrounded by European-inspired streets, beautiful balconies, and awnings over patio seating that take you right to a French or Italian city center. The shopping center is the only of its kind in the Triangle – a true escape to another cultural experience, right in the center of our great city.

SM: How did the building of Lafayette Village change the business and social landscape of North Raleigh?

HVA: I think that Lafayette Village changed the business and social landscape of North Raleigh in a positive way. Before Lafayette Village came, North Raleigh wasn’t really thriving with new businesses or things to do.

SM: What are your long-term goals for the Lafayette Village area?

HVA: Our long-term goal is to be a destination spot for you to truly shop, dine and spend time exploring the wonderful and unique shops, dining establishments and beautiful scenery that is Lafayette Village.

SM: How has Lafayette Village grown since its building?

HVA: Lafayette Village, which broke ground in 2010 went from being a couple of shops and restaurants to being a fully leased center full of locally owned, eclectic, one-of-a-kind shops.

SM: What was behind the concept for Lafayette Village?

HVA: Lafayette Village is a high-end dining and shopping center in North Raleigh with a touch of Europe. The area delivers a variety of specialty shops that are all one of kind and ALL locally owned.

SM: What  are  your  most  popular  events?

HVA: To date our two most popular events are Pork Out at Lafayette Village – A 20 team BBQ contest and festival and Oktoberfest a German beer festival. But we also have a great response to our Movies on The Green on Fridays in October and our Wine Walk for Charity which is on the 3rd Thursday from April through October 6th.

SM: Why do you think so many people are drawn to the Triangle area?

HVA: Personally, I think it’s the fact that Raleigh is such a melting pot… I feel that we have a great mixture of Northerners, Southerners, retirees, young couples, and “originals” that you feel like you can experience so many different cultures without ever leaving the Triangle. I also believe the Triangle is so full of some many things to do it would take years to do it all!

SM: What is unique about the Triangle social scene?

HVA: Well this one is probably the hardest since I am a mother of four small children working a full-time job but I think the social scene here in Raleigh offers something for all ages! You have clubs, concerts, sports, family friendly parks, movies, etc. that is doesn’t matter your age, your martial status, if you have kids or no kids there is always something to do and you can find the scene you fit in easily!

SM: Thank you so much, Holly for taking the time to share about your job and the amazing area that is Lafayette Village.

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