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Social The Magazine Rallywood July 2015 Art ApolinarioSocial has featured chefs, artists, businessmen, and models. Our Triangle is successful through the hard work of many such professionals and there are even more industries that shape the success of our city.

The healthcare industry draws hundreds to the area for our many reputable, state-of-the-art treatment facilities. Art Apolinario is one specific doctor who is contributing to the quality of North Carolina medicine.

Art is a Board Certified Family Physician who works at the UNCPN Clinton Medical Clinic in Sampson County. Art moved to North Carolina in 1999 when he saw the prosperity of the area and benefits of raising a family here. On the Triangle area, Art said, “In Raleigh you get everything you need in a city, but don’t have to drive very far to find small town charm, a beach, or the mountains, and the needy communities in need of doctors.”

In addition to his family physician work, he has opened a Medical Hypnosis office in Raleigh to treat patients with anything relating to weight loss, smoking, phobias, anxiety, PTSD, pain reduction, sexual dysfunction, relationship work, and the numerous other conditions it can help fix.

Throughout the area, Art has also donated time and efforts to many boards and organizations. Art said, “No matter how you look at medicine, the greatest thing that has saved lives is clean water.” Knowing the importance of clean water, Art uses his influence on boards and organizations to help bring “other versions of clean water interventions to the public.” He has been involved with the Sampson County Medical Society to raise the county’s health standards as well as the North Carolina Medical Society to pass laws contributing to our residents’ health. One such law is that which prevents young adolescents from increasing their cancer risk through the use of commercial tanning beds. His work expands past the state to the American Medical Association on which he has contributed to the fight against such causes as poverty, access to care, and health care financing.

Art is perhaps one of the best advocates for medicine in the Triangle as he recognizes the value of the treatment available in our area. Praising North Carolina’s medicine, he said, “With the university medical schools in the area, RTP down the road, you are just a phone call away from one of the top experts in most any field where even a doc in the country like me can get the most up-to-date treatments for my patients.”

Art has proven that there is value in seeking hypnosis treatment for a number of issues before pursuing surgical treatment or other formal healing practices. Furthermore, he cannot speak enough of the importance of relaxing. There is so much to do in the area and many great places to escape downtown that it is important to make the most of the opportunities: “The downtown area is a great place to make friends, social contacts, and build your tribe, and get your mind off the busy day as a doctor or any other profession.”

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