Resolutions to Wear on your Sleeve

It’s that time of year again! What gal doesn’t want to shed a few pounds after two months of all-you-can-eat pies, cakes and cookies? But making and keeping your New Year’s Resolutions can be one of the most daunting tasks on your post-holiday checklist. So let these fun styles and simple tips help you stay on track and look great while your burn those Christmas calories.

From compression tights that bear it all to comfy pants that provide a little more coverage, there are lots of options when trying to stay warm and stay stylish all while staying active in the winter months.

Compression tights are a staple for those who enjoy cold weather workouts because they stay close to the body and help wick moisture away from the skin keeping you warm and dry. If you’re not ready to lay it all out there you can layer your tights with a pair of running shorts for added coverage.

Yoga pants are a great go-to for any outdoor or indoor activity. They fit close to the body so they don’t chafe but the shape is flattering enough to wear on a casual coffee date with girlfriends, after your trip to the gym, of course!

Sweat pants are perfect if your body isn’t quite where your want it to be yet. Go for a pair made with lightweight fabric so your don’t overheat during your uphill treadmill set but is still warm enough for a jog in the park on a cool February day.

Athletic apparel used to be a bland “one-size-fits-all” model with little variety and few stylish options, but now there are more and more brands focused on fashionable and functional sportswear for women of all shapes and sizes.

Athletic tanks are a necessity and can be worn alone or as a supportive base layer. Flirty shapes and fun colors make these too cute to just buy one so stock up and wear them with everything.

Today’s tee shirts are nothing like the heavy 100% cotton one’s that we wore in the 90’s. Cutting edge technology applied to textiles have created a whole new line of fabrics that support and sculpt your body in ways you never thought possible. Try a few long-sleeved ones that your can wear throughout the winter and spring as well as short-sleeved styles for the gym and summer months.  

A lightweight jacket can make or break a morning run. If you get too cold, you may be less motivated to go the extra mile (or 2, or 3!). So when your lacing up your trainers don’t forget to throw on this essential winter accessory, too! Look for one with reflective tape, especially if you’re an early bird!

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