Win a Make-Over and a Night on the Town!

We at Social Magazine, along with our friends at CABANA TAN’S, and UPTOWN CHEAPSKATE, have decided to give back to you! The readers of Social Magazine, the clients of Cabana Tans and The clients of Uptown Cheapskate can win a full make-over and a night out on the town on us! You will get spray tanned, hair/make-up, nails, and fitted in the trendiest clothes for a night on the town.  Free admission to Cashmere Lounge along with a free bottle of champagne just for you.  You can even invite as many friends for the Cashmere experience! All you have to do is sign up below, or go to the  New Mission Valley Cabana Tans and Uptown Cheapskate location. This is an open invitation to all (men and women)! Just sign up, win and enjoy!


Use this form to sign up!
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