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If you have high standards in your partner or what you are looking for in a partner, then you have to set yourself to those standards as well.  I am amazed by the number of people that are not cognizant of this.  If you are out of shape, then stop expecting people that work out frequently and take care of their bodies to want to date you.  If you don’t have motivation and spend more time at the local bar rather than earning a living, then don’t expect career oriented people to go on dates with you.  It’s the simple truth that, in order to obtain someone with high aspirations for their lives and/or themselves, you have to match up to, or at least be attempting to better yourself, in similar ways.

It’s not superficial or vain to want to be in shape and to want to achieve.  I can’t stand it when I hear a guy or girl talk about someone that works hard towards a goal gripe when that person won’t date them or doesn’t show an interest in them.  Helloooo! It’s more than likely for a reason.  Have you evaluated yourself lately?  Do you take care of yourself?  Do you work at all?  Or do you mooch off of trust funds or others instead?  I don’t mean to offend or make someone feel bad about their current situation.  However, I do want people to see the light of day.  

Another strong point that goes with all of this higher-standard-of-living talk is that there are bound to be more discrepancies than similarities if one person has goals while the other doesn’t have any.  How one chooses to live his or her life also determines how they prioritize and how they divide their time amongst people, activities, and careers.  If two people don’t have similar interest, then the relationship is more than likely dead before it even started.  How can people relate if they are on different paths?

Think about who you are, what kind of person you want to be, and how you currently live your life.  If you are happy where you are at in life, then that is great!  However, if you are not, then take the time to better yourself first.  Then later, concentrate on finding a significant other if you don’t already have one.  Or, if you are in a relationship, and start to notice that there are significant differences between the two of you, then talk it out to each other.  Maybe a compromise can be met that includes a partnership as well as goal setting for one or both individuals in the relationship like going to the gym together, helping each other find work, or starting school.  Couples don’t need to work towards the same goal, but it helps to work together to achieve personal as well as partnership goals.  I hope that those who were less motivated before looking at this article can find a reason to achieve ambitions or to set higher standards for themselves after reading these words.  It’s a new year, make it count!

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