John Cargill

John Cargill

One of the key players in Richard Morgan’s purchase of Social the Magazine was Triangle-based lawyer, John Cargill.

John Cargill

John Cargill

Cargill is a longtime friend of Morgan’s and currently serves as legal counsel for Social the Magazine. Cargill’s hard work ensures that our publication is accountable, honest, and credible. Along with his many areas of expertise, he is always available to Morgan when particular legal questions arise.

Cargill was born in South Boston, Virginia but has been in Raleigh on and off since the late 70’s. Thus, he has a great perspective on the way the city has advanced in recent years. As a graduate of NC State University and later Campbell Law School, Cargill appreciates the value of the education offered at the many wonderful universities throughout our state.

When asked what he considers unique about living in the Triangle, Cargill emphasized the wide variety of significant industries operating out of the area. With “many universities, all levels of government, an abundance of medical facilities and Research Triangle Park,” the Triangle is “more than a one-trick pony” according to Cargill. Based on his experience and observation of the area’s growth in the last several decades, it’s “one of the best places to raise a family, work, and to enjoy an area with so much to offer.”

His help in the purchase of Social the Magazine was an exciting opportunity for Cargill because it allowed him to utilize his experience in business sales in a new platform, a magazine – something he had not worked with before. According to him, Social the Magazine is unique in that it has the “potential to utilize Morgan’s connections throughout the Triangle and his interest in fashion to convey a lot of different things.”

Cargill works actively as a lawyer dealing with many areas including but not limited to business and tax law, real estate, and estate planning and administration. With so many people moving into the Triangle, Cargill anticipates an increased demand for real estate lawyers.

Social is certainly grateful for Cargill’s contributions and we appreciate him taking the time to share his perspective on the Triangle. For more information on John and his work in law, visit his website:

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