After spending the entire month of October in Los Angeles, CA playing solo acoustic shows, and teaming up new LA-based management in Bill McCoy of Nocturnal Entertainment,  Jason has returned to Raleigh,  excited about recording a new album for the next two weeks with The Jason Adamo Band, here in Raleigh at Mark Mckee’s K House Recording studio.  

John Briggs, producer of “Transistor”, The Jason Adamo Band’s 2010 album, (which included the song “Raleigh Nights”, which can be heard  at most Carolina Hurricanes home games) has returned to produce this follow up EP which will consist of 6 all new songs from the band.

This will mark the second collaboration between, Adamo and Briggs, as well as JAB lead guitarist Doug Casteen.  Jason and Doug have been hard at work writing new material for the EP, having recently spent a week in Nashville, TN writing songs and putting together demos for the new record.

Over the next month, the JAB will be hard at work recording and mixing their new record during the day and playing shows in and around Raleigh at night, including a Monday night Residency at The Pour House Music Hall as they prepare to head back out to Los Angeles to perform at the 2012 NAMM Show. (Their third year in a row performing at this music industry conference) While in LA, the band will not only be performing on the Marriott Stage Thursday January 19th in Anaheim for NAMM, but will also be performing an industry showcase in LA while in town.

Stay tuned for some exciting things to come in 2012 from The Jason Adamo Band, and keep a look out for the new record to drop this spring!  
And for more info on The Jason Adamo Band please visit www.jasonadamomusic.com

SM: How did you enjoy your time in LA?

JA: Living out in LA for the month of October was a great experience.  Though I’ve travelled to LA quite a bit since playing my first show there back in 2004, this was the first time spending more than a week there at one time.
I played some very cool shows, in some great venues from Saint Rocke in Hermosa Beach to The House of Blues on the sunset strip. I got the chance to share the stage with some great LA-based musicians including Lindsay Harper, Brett Young, Chris Mouch and many more.
Also by the end of October I had accomplished one of the things I set out to do while in LA, which was landing new management in Bill McCoy of Nocturnal Entertainment.

SM: How does the music scene there compare to the music scene in Raleigh?  

JA: LA is much more saturated with musicians and bands attempting to take their careers to the next level.  Being the entertainment capital of the world there is a greater concentration of professional musicians working in literally thousands of music venues in the LA area.  At the same time however, I found that LA was very similar to Raleigh in the fact that most musicians playing professionally know one another, and It is a relatively tight knit community.

SM: Describe the feel of your new EP. How has it progressed from your previous work? What is similar?

JA: I’m going to let producer John Briggs, who also produced my last album, take this question:  

JB: The last record Transistor was Jason’s rock record. We set out from the very beginning to make a rock record, but with tinges of blues, country, and folk. With this record, we didn’t come in with a set idea in mind, and just sort of let the songs breathe and go in whatever direction they wanted to. Most of the personnel on the two records are the same, so stylistically there will be some similarities, but at the same time Transistor was two years ago so we’ve all grown since then. However, I was playing drums on Transistor and Shedrick Williams is playing drums on this record, so if nothing else, the drumming will be a whole lot better.

SM: What do you love about Raleigh?  

JA: Raleigh is a great place to live. It seems like it would be a great place to raise a family one day.  I love my friends and “fans” who come to the shows in Raleigh.  I do also love that the traffic here in Raleigh, even on its worst day is nothing compared to the traffic out in LA.  

SM: Where is your favorite place (here in town) to perform?  

JA: I’d have to say the Pour House Music Hall is my favorite place to play here in Raleigh.  After playing shows in pretty much every music venue Raleigh has to offer, The Pour House feels more like home.

SM: What can we expect from JAB in the coming year?  

JA: Big things hopefully, we’ll have to wait and see DEFINITELY a new JAB record in early 2012!

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