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The city of Raleigh not only has personality but also has some unique personalities as well. Anyone who frequents Raleigh’s downtown nightlife scene and has trolled the Glenwood South strip has more than likely encountered one of Raleigh’s most engaging and irresistible personalities: James Iadanza. On any given weekend, you’ll find James standing outside the entrance to Cashmere, greeting strangers and hugging friends as they pass by, personally inviting all of them to come inside the club. If he’s not out front then you’ll find him inside Cashmere, transformed into DJ Blue Steel, doing his thing up in the DJ booth to ensure all those he invited in to Cashmere are having a great time on the dance floor.

James is Cashmere’s do-it-all guy, functioning as club manager, part-time DJ and official greeter. Does this man ever slow down? Lucky for us, he did stop for a moment to sit and fill us in about what makes him tick. Here’s what he told us.

SM: Tell us about your background. Are you from Raleigh?
JI: Well, I’m originally from New York, but spent most of my life in Raleigh. I have two beautiful kids Macy and Maddy. They are what push me to being successful. I lost my father this year which has had a big impact on my life. Not only was he a wonderful father but he was my best friend. I am proud to say that I got his personality.

SM: What sparked your in the restaurant/nightlife industry?
JI: I always loved the night life. I was always the type that felt I was missing out if I did not go out. I started in the hotel business about 15 years ago doing sales. I got sick of all the red tape but was very successful. Afterward I got into the restaurant side of the hospitality and love dealing with people every day. I love meeting new people.

SM: Aside from managing Cashmere, you’ve also been DJ’ing there as DJ Blue Steel. What made you decide to get up there and do it yourself
JI: I never thought of DJ’ing before until one night I was telling my DJ what to play to get the crowd going. Most DJs want to play what they like, but being a manager first I saw what people wanted. So DJ Animal, DJ Just N and DJ Al Ski started teaching me how to do it. I picked it up fast. I’m not the best, but I can handle a dance floor.

SM: Why the name DJ Blue Steel?
I needed a DJ name and people have always told me I look like Ben Stiller’s character from the movie Zoolander so, now I am DJ Blue Steel!

SM: What type of music do you see trending?
JI: Music that is trending is more remixes with that house influence. You will see a lot more music like David Guetta on G105. I love it!

SM: What would someone find in your CD player or iPod right now?
JI: David Guetta, Deadmau5, Afrojack, Kaskade, and lots of Top 40 remixes.

SM: Do you foresee yourself having your own nightclub in the future and if so, what would your dream place be?
JI: I am thinking about owning another club or restaurant. I have some great concepts that Raleigh is ready for and I know will work. So, watch out Raleigh!

SM: A typical day in the life of James Iadanza?
JI: I am all about Cashmere and my kids: spending time with my kids and coming up with new ideas to make Cashmereeven more successful. Always thinking and always giving 100%. My philosophy is ALL IN!

Yes, we noticed!

We at Social The Magazine wish all the best and continued success to James, to DJ Blue Steel, and of course to Cashmere. Glenwood South wouldn’t be the same with out all of you.

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