Dressing in lots of light layers

Winter in Raleigh could quite possibly host the wildest weather around, so how does a fashionista cope? Layers, of course! Whether you’re scraping the frost off your windshield before your morning commute or sporting a sleeveless look at lunch, dressing in lots of light layers allows you to maximize your wardrobe and keep you covered, literally! It’s also a great way to change your look at the drop of a hat (or cardigan or capelet).

Keeping fun light jackets on hand is a great way to change a look and keep warm when it’s chilly on your way to work. Go casual with an interestingly colored leather jacket or ultra-chic in faux fur, like the Olsen twins who can always be seen looking sleek and stylish in layered looks. Cropped jackets are also a fun way to inject menswear-inspired fashion with everyday feminine flair.

Tights are another great way to get away with wearing your favorite dress All year long. Black is classic but, if you feel adventurous, try sporting brightly colored or even patterned tights. Color blocking is a huge trend for Spring this year so transition to the warmer weather with solid-colored boxy-mod dresses and wild neon tights. As a rule of thumb, avoid wearing white tights unless you’re a candy striper or under the age of 12. They’re generally not very flattering and they’re just not very fun.

Accessories are probably the most obvious way to change up your look while simultaneously boosting your style. Scarves are a great and easy way to amp up your style and stave off the winter weather. Try interesting textures and colors or go with lightweight scarves that will translate well to spring.

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