What to Wear to All of Your Holiday Events

The Right Piece for the Right Party: What to Wear to All of Your Holiday Events

December is full of fun and festivity but you don’t want to get caught in the wrong look at the wrong soiree. And while wearing the same dress to all of your holiday gatherings may be economical, it can get a little boring. There’s no need to buy a totally different outfit for each occasion, just find a few multitaskers and follow these simple tips.
1. Less is More
While it’s fun to add a little holiday sparkle to your look, you don’t want to be mistaken for the tinsel-covered tree. Try toning down the disco ball dresses by going sans-jewelry or by wearing a nude shoe. Minimizing distracting details will brighten your ensemble without blinding your coworkers at the annual holiday mixer.
2. Jewel Tones are a Girl’s Best Friend
Red and Green are the official colors of December but that doesn’t mean it should be your uniform. It may be fun to geek out at a tacky Christmas sweater party but when you are ready to class it up go for jewel tones. Not only do they flatter almost every skin tone, but these rich, saturated colors like emerald, amethyst, sapphire and ruby are luxurious and add an air of sophistication.
3. Play with Proportions
A skin-tight dress on New Year’s Eve may seem like the ideal outfit for a midnight kiss but sometimes a piece that’s a little more forgiving and requires 1 or 2 fewer pairs of Spanx will do the trick just as well. Try a structured top with a full flirty skirt for a seductive but still comfortable look. Another great option is a slightly high-waisted wide leg pant in a dark wash with a fitted blazer.

Wear it Everywhere: Splurge on a few pieces that you can dress up or down but will never get boring.

1. A Sparkly Top
A sequined tank or blouse can add a touch of excitement to a basic pantsuit but can also spice up your night out on the town when paired with a short skirt and ankle boots. Gold and silver are great shades that go well with lots of other colors, making them perfect multitaskers.

2. A Pencil Skirt
While the classic pencil skirt is often reserved for the boardroom, it can also be dressed down with stacked heels and a neon or printed top.

3. Nude Heels
A good pair of shoes can make or break an outfit. Nude heels elongate the leg and can be worn with almost anything. Try a stacked heel, for comfort, or a stiletto for a sexy night out.

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