Crystal Gibson – Owner of Planet Beach in North Hills

Crystal Gibson - Oner of Planet Beach in North HillsWhen Crystal Gibson moved to the Triangle four years ago, she was looking for something new and refreshing from her small Danville, VA home.

The opportunity to create a future for her three children and to settle down in a city that offers more than small-town Virginia proved very possible in North Carolina. Crystal Gibson, owner of Planet Beach in North Hills, has made the Triangle her home and is greatly enjoying the “people, variety, and many things to do.”

Gibson bought the space about a year ago and remodeled it, adding a more sophisticated color scheme, new equipment, and an overall more upscale atmosphere. Although Planet Beach is a franchise, Gibson has found ways to bring creativity, quality, and a unique customer experience to her North Hills store. A few such ways are through member appreciation parties, drinks, and gift giveaways.

Professionally, her current focus is on “growing the business and making customers happy.” The staff has been putting a lot of effort into marketing and raising awareness about the variety of services offered at the spa beyond traditional tanning centers. She loves their clients and feels like the staff truly is a family, which makes work exciting and fun.

On moving to the Triangle, Gibson said it is “the best decision [she] has made in her life.” Especially for raising a family, the Triangle has proven to be ideal as the school system is reputable and her family has been able to meet and connect with many different kinds of people.

A common misconception about Planet Beach is that it is solely a tanning spa. There are far more services offered at the North Hills spa. Among the other services offered at Gibson’s location are teeth whitening, hydration treatments, weight management treatments, and UV therapy. The most popular service offered is RED light therapy, a treatment largely unknown. RED light therapy was discovered by NASA. The technique uses infrared rays to provide a deeper penetration that has many therapeutic benefits and is often used to treat cancer cells.

Planet Beach is a unique spa, an upscale pampering and treatment center definitely worthy of the respectable business Gibson has earned. We wish Gibson the best of luck with her future business adventures.

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