10 Places in Raleigh to Blow Your Taste Buds Away

Looking for a place to eat in Raleigh that will blow your taste buds away? Here is a selection of our favorite restaurants that are sure to please!

pooles dinerPoole’s Diner
426 McDowell Street
(919) 832-4477

Transformed from Poole’s Pies to Poole’s Luncheonette in 1950, the diner began to serve signature main dishes that were just as tasty as their pies.

fiction kitchenFiction Kitchen
428 S. Dawson Street
(918) 831-4177

Fiction Kitchen is a taste bud wake-up call. The vegetarian restaurant offers great food, but you don’t have to be a vegetarian to enjoy it. Meat-lovers indulge, too.

chirba chirbaChirba Chirba
(various locations)
(919) 885-4328

Chirba Chirba is a Raleigh restaurant on wheels. It resembles a dumpling of sorts, and patrons lucky enough to find it get treated to Chinese dumplings made from a secret recipe.

4525 Lake Boon Trail, Suite 107
(919) 322-4928

Guasaca’s, famous for it’s Arepas (a popular dish in Venezuela).If you’ve never sampled an Arepa, it is similar to a tortilla (kind of) made of corn or maize flour and stuffed with good ingredients.

clyde coopers barbecueClyde Cooper’s Barbecue
327 South Wilmington St.
(919) 832-7614

Clyde Cooper’s produces food quick—but not fast food. If you visit Raleigh and have only enough time to visit one barbecue restaurant, make it Clyde Cooper’s. It’s that good.

18 seaboard18 Seaboard Restaurant
18 Seaboard Avenue, Suite 100
(919) 861-4318

18 Seaboard serves a serious salmon and even better cheese grits. Fried green tomatoes star on the appetizer menu and you can’t beat the ambiance.

2519 Fairview Rd.

The Southern inspired restaurant is owned and operated by a hometown boy that returned to his roots and brought everything good about Raleigh to the restaurant.

42nd st oyster bar42nd St. Oyster Bar and Seafood
508 West Jones St.
(919) 831-2811

The best place to eat seafood in Raleigh, period. The raw oysters are choice—and speaking of choices; there are so many at this restaurant.

humble pieHumble Pie
317 South Harrington St.
(919) 829-9222

Humble Pie is hands-down the best place for brunch in Raleigh—but every other time is great too. And, if you love meat, this is your home-style restaurant.

bella monicaBella Monica
3121 Edwards Mill Road
(919) 881-9778

This Italian restaurant is a 2014 Diner’s Choice Award winner, and one visit will show you why. The flatbread is enough to bring in the masses. The pasta is fresh and delicious, especially in the deep and divine lasagna.

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